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For Apprentices

ACDA Mentoring Guide - For Potential Apprentices

To help potential apprentices understand the mentoring process

Sample Introductory Email for Apprentices

A template for apprentice's first email to their mentor

Tips for Apprentices

Suggestions for ensuring a successful mentoring relationship

The First Conversation - A Guide for Apprentices

Ideas for getting your first conversation going

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For Mentors

ACDA Mentoring Guide - All You Need to Know About Being a Mentor

What mentors need to know to be effective

Mentor Role Description

A look into what a mentor is

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For Developing the Mentoring Relationship

Suggested Mentoring Activities for Mentors and Apprentices

Ideas for activities

Mentoring Agreement - Suggested Talking Points

A list of areas for agreement in setting mentoring expectations

Goal Setting Worksheet

A guide for establishing agreed-upon goals

Building the Mentoring Relationship - Mentors

Suggestions for developing a beneficial relationship