Privacy Policy

ACDA Mentoring Privacy Policy

ACDA Mentoring is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information provided by the users of ACDA Mentoring. Since we do collect certain types of information about our users, in this privacy statement, we will describe the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information including what we collect, how we use it, and how users can make changes.

ACDA Mentoring uses the personal information provided by mentors and apprentices to match them to each other to create long-term mentoring relationships. From time to time, other ACDA-affiliated organizations, as well as technical partners, may be able to view some information, but only to the extent necessary to facilitate the running of the website and the operation of the program.

ACDA Mentoring's commitment to all users is that ACDA Mentoring will maintain the confidentiality of all information collected on ACDA Mentoring and will not sell or transmit, in any fashion, this information to any other organization.

How will ACDA Mentoring use the personally identifiable information collected?

  • To match apprentices and mentors to each other such that certain fields such as career interests and geographical interests are similar enough to produce fruitful mentoring relationships.
  • To enable apprentices and mentors to access various tools, features, and functions of the ACDA Mentoring system, in particular, to assist them in selecting each other, contacting each other, and continuing their mentoring relationships.
  • To communicate with apprentices and mentors regarding use of ACDA Mentoring, site changes, or information on possible events or activities associated with ACDA Mentoring.

Apprentice and Mentor Participants

ACDA Mentoring receives and collects personal identifiable information about a potential apprentice or mentor user (such as name, contact information, demographic information, academic history, employment history, etc.) via ACDA Mentoring when they register for services and continue to use services that may require personal information.

American Choral Directors Association and Xinspire, which is facilitating and assisting ACDA in provision of mentoring services to apprentices and mentors, may access some of the apprentices' and mentors' personal information, and at times may send e-mail using communication tools on the site. In addition, mentors and apprentices who use ACDA Mentoring will have access to some of the information provided by potential matches, for matching purposes. ACDA Mentoring and Xinspire are not responsible for what apprentices and mentors do with the personal information that is available or accessible through this program or website.

While ACDA Mentoring endeavors to restrict access to this database to participating mentors and apprentices only, ACDA Mentoring cannot guarantee that other parties will not, without consent, gain access to the database.