Once a Match Is Made 

Initial Contact with your Apprentice 

Apprentices are expected to initiate contact with you once the match is made. We encourage the apprentice to send an introductory email to you. Sometimes they are nervous, or intimidated to reach out, however, so if you don’t hear from your apprentice, please email them. 

 If the apprentice does not respond to your message(s), please contact the mentoring program administrator. 

What Should I Expect of the First Conversation? 

We strongly suggest that you have a conversation early on in the relationship in person, over the phone or via Skype. This personal interaction will go far in creating a connection and setting up a good foundation for your relationship. Here are some guidelines for the conversation: 

  • Tell the apprentice that you are excited about being their mentor! Sharing your enthusiasm will help reassure them that you are committed to making the relationship succeed. 
  • Build rapport with your apprentice by asking questions about their background and experiences. Remember, you have ACDA in common and that is a great place to start! 
  • It is important at the beginning of the relationship to talk about expectations and goals for the mentoring experience. Make sure to either start this dialogue in this first conversation or set up another time to do so. You can use our ACDA Mentoring Agreement, which helps guide this process.