Program Overview

Sign-up Process for Potential Apprentices

Our program is open to students, as well as beginning and established choral directors and educators, whether employed or still searching for a position. 

  • Apprentices must be ACDA members. 
  • Click the apprentice application button on our homepage (either to apply for an open session or to be notified of the next available session). We will verify that you are an ACDA member. 
  • Review the ACDA Mentoring Guide – For Potential Apprentices
  • Fill out an online profile, search our online database and request a mentor. 
  • Apprentices can only work with one mentor during the six-month mentoring session. At the end of the session, the mentoring match will be released and you can re-register and request another mentor. 

Sign-up Process for Mentors 

  • Click the “Mentor – Register Here” button on our homepage. We will verify that you are an ACDA member. 
  • Fill out an anonymous online profile that the apprentices will see in their mentor search. 
  • Watch for mentor requests via your e-mail. 

The Matching Process 

Once accepted into the program, apprentice select and request the mentor from our online database who best matches their career and personal needs. The ACDA Mentoring Program does not match apprentice with mentors. Once a request is made: 

  • The mentor receives an email with the request, and can choose to accept or decline the mentee. 
  • The apprentice will receive an email with the mentor’s decision. 
  • If accepted, we encourage the apprentice to make first contact. 
  • If declined, the apprentice can search the database for another mentor and make a request. 
  • Apprentices can only request one mentor at at a time. It is very important, therefore, for mentors to respond to the request within one week. If there is no response to the request, however, the mentee can cancel the request and search for another mentor. 

The Mentoring Process 

Mentoring is about building a mutually satisfying relationship. Some important aspects of a mentoring relationship are: 

  • Setting goals and expectations for the relationship using the ACDA Mentoring Agreement that helps guide this process. 
  • Listening to one another and asking relevant and thoughtful questions pertinent to your individual needs. 
  • Maintaining a learning posture in all interactions. 
  • Staying in contact based on the set expectations.