Suggested Mentoring Activities

You and your apprentice may decide what you want to work on together from the onset. But remember you want to set goals and expectations at the beginning of your relationship; use our Mentoring Agreement as a guide. If you need some ideas on what to do with your apprentice to achieve the goals you set, the list below is a great place to start. 

Career Conversations 

  • Discuss your educational background and the role of educational preparation in your field. 
  • Share information about a current event or issue in your field. 
  • Schedule a shadow visit, if appropriate. 

Tell Your Story 

  • Share how you have balanced personal life and career and what to expect. 
  • Discuss what you would have done differently in school or in your first position if you had to do it over. 
  • Talk about how you have dealt with personal or professional challenges. 
  • Discuss ways in which being active in a professional association has helped you. 

Networking Pursuits 

  • Introduce your apprentice to colleagues or other contacts. 
  • Attend a professional association meeting or conference together (ACDA national, region, and state conferences are great opportunities). 
  • Guide your apprentice in how to conduct an informational interview. 

Graduate School Consultations 

  • Share what you learned about navigating your graduate studies. 
  • Discuss how you worked with your advisors. 
  • Tell the apprentice about how you prepared for your transition from school to professional world. 

Job Search Process 

  • Review the apprentice's resume and/or cover letter. 
  • Lead the apprentice through a mock interview. 
  • Offer guidance on where to best look for job/internships in your field.