Initiating Contact with Your Mentor

You Make the First Move 

The ACDA Mentoring Program is an apprentice-driven program, meaning that it is up to you to initiate each part of the process. You sign up for the program, you select and request a mentor, and you begin the conversation. We recommend that you start with an introductory email that includes: 

  • Who you are and how you heard of the program 
  • Thanking him/her for agreeing to be your mentor 
  • A couple of sentences about your background, such as your year in school, major, jobs or activities 
  • A quick summary of why you signed up for the program and what you hope to gain 
  • Asking for the best time and way to talk in-person, by phone or via Zoom or Skype to start your conversation and go over the Mentoring Agreement form 

We understand that it can be intimidating to contact your new mentor. We have included a template below that you can use as a reference or copy. Paste it and replace it with your information. 

Sample Introductory Email 

Dear __________

My name is ___________, and I received your name from Lodestar: The ACDA Mentoring Program. Thank you for accepting me as your apprentice. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in choral conducting from the University of Michigan. I was involved in ACDA in the student chapter there, and enjoyed the events and speakers our chapter brought in. 

I am a new conductor, teaching high school choir at Classen School for Advanced Studies in Oklahoma City. My studies prepared me for a lot of things, but I hope you can assist me by sharing some of the things you have learned as an experienced choir director, like how you learned to work with all of the nonmusical related things in a high school, and how you keep motivated and inspired. 

The ACDA Mentoring Program suggested that the first step is for us to talk in-person, via Zoom or Skype, or over the phone, and go over the questions on the Mentoring Agreement form. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a time to do that. 

Thank you again for agreeing to be my mentor. I look forward to hearing from you.