How It Works

The Matching Process

Potential apprentices register with the program and review the materials available online from the website. Next, the apprentices can at any time request a mentor based on search criteria they select using our search engine. We do not match you with apprentices. If you receive a request, you have the option to accept or decline.

Completing your Mentor Profile

Remember, apprentices are basing their decision to request you based on your online profile you create when you register. The more personal and human you make your profile, the more likely that potential apprentices will find it interesting enough to request you. It is not all about your achievements; it is what you can bring to a mentoring relationship. Here are a few suggestions for mentors on their profiles from apprentices who have completed the mentoring process:

  • “Mention trials and tribulations you have overcome. I seek a mentor because life if hard and I want someone who has had similar troubles and succeeded to guide me and lift me up. Just talking about accomplishments feels unrelateable to where I am at the moment as a professional.” 
  • “Show who you are by added a small description. The dropdown boxes only say so much.” 
  • “Be direct and to the point as far as education and experience, but when it comes to interest and things that you are passionate about, show your personality.”

When we ask apprentices about mentor profile turn-offs, they noted the following:

  • “Lack of background about their career.” 
  • “Lack of information, or information worded in an overly boastful way.”

Do you see some common themes? Check out our Sample Mentor Profile, which includes additional suggestions on ways to make your profile more effective with apprentices.

When an Apprentice Requests You

If an apprentice requests you as a mentor, an email will be sent to your primary email account with the subject line “ACDA Mentoring: Apprentice Request.”

  • Apprentices can only request one mentor at a time. Please respond within three days. Apprentices may cancel the request at any time, and we recommend they cancel if they do not hear back within one week. 
  • You can either accept or decline a request. If you choose to decline, please send a message to the apprentice with your reason when prompted. 
  • If you accept, contact information is emailed to both parties.

Mentoring Sessions

The mentoring sessions run for six months. At the end of the session, we formally release you from the relationship so that you are able to work with another apprentice, and your apprentice can work with a another mentor. The program goal, however, is to develop ongoing relationships, so we encourage you to continue your relationship on an informal basis.

You Are in Control!

By logging into the program website, you can change and set a number of things, including:

  • Choose the maximum number of apprentices you want during any given session. 

  • Change the number of apprentices you want to work with at any time. 
  • Take yourself in or out of the mentor searchable pool at any time.

“I remain convinced that the power of mentorship is needed to effectively support the building of strong choral programs throughout our country. . . . The diversity of the new music educator in the field is greater than it has ever been, and the demands on them are higher due to limited resources.” 

-Dr. Robert P. Duff, Dartmouth College